Not Dead Yet

When I heard the news about the Paris Agreement, I was shockingly depressed.  I had been expecting it, but for a moment, it felt like everything was bad and just getting worse.

But then I thought about Monty Python.

Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition!

Ok, no, not that. The scene from the Holy Grail where someone is bringing out their dead, only for their dead to say, “I’m not dead!” The scene is morbid and hilarious and possibly more apt for this discussion that I am actually comfortable with.

Anyway, the scene is usually misquoted as “I’m not dead, yet!” And that phrase gives me a bit of comfort. I’m not dead, yet. I can still fight and scream and march for change. The Earth isn’t dead yet. Yeah, the damage already done is likely permanent, but we can still pressure our government and companies to fulfill the agreement, even while the Despot acts like the Baby he is. Governors and mayors are already coming out to say they are going to honor the Paris Accords. Yeah, it’s not everyone, but if your a multi state company, and several of those states have strict environmental laws, you probably will make your product compliant in every state. Just ask textbook printers and car manufacturers.

So, even if things are bad, and getting worse, we’re not dead yet, and we are not going anywhere soon.*
*unless we get involved in a land war with Asia, then we’re all screwed.


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